Web Design And Hosting

Thinking of getting your business on the web market? We have professions ready to make you easily run in the web marking, we provide you with best SEO mechanism with best search rating, responsive website and hosting package with 99% uptime.
We do both static and dynamic websites, CMS and blogs that agree with Google search engine blog policies.
We provide hosting packages that are:

a) start up 2 has 15GB Spacing
150GB bandwidth
1yr doman free (.com)
2400 + vat

b) 25GB spacing
250GB bandwidth
+ 1yr domain free
at 3,500/-

c) 35GB Spacing
350GB bandwidth
+ 1yr domain free
at 5000/-

All charges are annually.





Delivery Information

Contact us for any inquiries, you can also request for our services here we will be glad to serve you

Soon we will be launching our software demos online (video)

You can also remail us at rence2007mn@gmail.com


Simple to start, easy to comprehend Thats all our software will do for you !

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