Sale And Inventory Software With POS

Our Sales And Inventory Software with Point Of Sale is one of the most easiest to use and understand.

We value you business by providing and easier solution through our ZeniPos Software. Our features include:

a) Inventory management
b) Multi Store Creation and Management
c) Stock tranfers
d) POS (point of sales)
e) Debtors Mngt
f) Creditors Mngt
h) PD Check Notifiations
i) reorder Level Notifications
j) Field salesman Mngt
k) Pettycash Mngt
l) Full Accounting Features
m) Sms Notification
n) Receipt Sms
o) Routing/mapping mngt ie FMCG
and Many More.
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Simple to start, easy to comprehend Thats all our software will do for you !

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